What is LAMP Summit?

A two-and-a-half day event convening subject matter experts and state elected officials from across all 50 states.

The Leadership Alliance for a More Perfect Union, or LAMP, is an initiative of the Rainey Center with one mission: to cultivate the next generation of national conservative leaders by providing state and local elected officials with resources to tackle America's biggest challenges. Our tools, trainings, and networking platforms are headlined by this unique, in-person annual summit.

September 11-13

Who should attend?

LAMP is a leadership community designed to empower the next generation of conservative leaders. Accordingly, our National Summit is built for the state legislators, city councilors, and mayors who are ready to step up and lead. The unique set of trainings, tools, expert seminars, and collaborative opportunities we offer is all about helping them get there.

LAMP forums, hosted by the Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy, are interactive, collaborative convening for policy education, leadership development and networking for state policymakers.

LAMP 2024 is brought to you by the Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy and the Arizona State University Rob and Melani Walton Sustainability Solutions Service.

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Leadership Alliance for a More Perfect Union (LAMP) is the flagship leadership development program for the Joseph Rainey Center for Public Policy.

LAMP programs foster engagement and promote dialogue between state policymakers and a diverse group of experts from a wide variety of disciplines, including private-sector corporate leaders, high-level government officials, and members of the academic community.

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